Terence McDonnagh


Write-Dramatise-Perform Workshop
With Poet & Dramatist- Terry McDonagh

Terry taught creative writing at the University of Hamburg and was Drama Director at the International School Hamburg. He facilitates creative writing and drama programmes in Europe, Asia and Australia. He’s published ten poetry collections as well as letters, drama and prose. Translations into Indonesian and German. 2016 poetry collection, ‘Lady Cassie Peregrina’ – Arlen House, 2017, included in Fire and Ice 2, Gill Education (Junior Cycle), 2017. UCG by Degrees’ included in the Galway Poetry Trail on NUIG Campus.

In this workshop you will:
Claim your space
Write poetry and prose
Edit and Script
Put legs under your writing
Perform your work

For further details contact Terry McDonagh
086 886 1853