Starcamp Summer Camp 2019


July 1st – July 5th 2019


STARCAMP is Ireland’s ultimate summer camp experience that boys and girls nationwide are going crazy for!
Each day, children get to experience the perfect balance of music, dance and acting with camp games & activities, Magic!, arts & crafts, comedy & jokes, kids news-desk, fun masterclasses and so much more. STARCAMP Summer Camps are renowned for their core ethos of building children’s self-esteem and confidence (and the children love the little surprises thrown in throughout the week too).

STARCAMP was a memorable Winner on Dragons Den, has won numerous awards and is widely recognised for leading the way in what it does. Our team in STARCAMP HQ spend 12 months of the year creating the best camp possible to give your child memories that will last a lifetime! We cannot wait to meet you this Summer and for so many of you, we look forward to welcoming you back, for what we promise is to be our best year yet!


For more details and booking enquiries contact Starcamp on  021 4377900 or email



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