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Mayo Organic Group is delighted to host Sligo farmer, Clive Bright in Claremorris Town Hall on Thursday 21st September. The event starts at 7.30pm.

A small in sight into Clive’s farming:

“I manage 120 acres organically in south Sligo. We run a herd of around 30 breeding cows (Angus, Shorthorn and Hereford) and finish about 1/3 of our calves to 100% grass fed beef which I direct sell. Another third are kept as breeding heifers and are allowed to calve down, the best are kept as replacements and the others sold with calves at foot. The final third are animals performing least well and sold at various stages to maintain cash flow into various suitable markets.”

“All of the animals are rotated through temporary paddocks using managed intensive grazing – sometimes called holistic grazing or mob grazing. We never feed grain; are animals are exclusively grass-fed – lush pasture in summer; hay and silage in winter. We also practice low-stress livestock handling and we compost all of our farm waste on a large scale. It is a profitable low-input – high-output system that benefits the soil, the grass, the animals and the farmer! It works on any scale with any types of ruminants (cows, sheep, goats, deer etc.). The system can also easily incorporate mono-gastric animals too (horses, pigs and chickens). With careful management at a low stocking rate, out-wintering on standing grass with no hay or silage can be easily achieved.”

Tickets are €10 and can be purchased in advance by contacting, or at the door on the night.