Christy Moore – Magic Nights


Christy Moore – Magic Nights

Friday May 15th 2020

Doors: 7.00pm | Show: 8.00pm

No Interval


Christy Moore is Ireland’s premier singer-songwriter of folk music. The former lead-vocalist and chief songwriter of Planxty and Moving Hearts, Moore helped to bring the musical traditions of Ireland up to modern standards and has been a major inspiration to many other artists.

He was inspired as a teenager by American Rock & Roll, moving to Britain in the 60s to busk on the streets, while extending his repertoire. When he returned to Ireland later in the decade, Moore released his debut album, “Paddy On The Road”.

Moore assembled a band that evolved into Planxty, bringing together diverse and skilled musicians Donal Lunny, Liam O’Flynn and Andy Irvine. It later evolved into Moving Hearts;

Christy’s most recent album “Magic Nights” was released in November 2019, and marks 50 years since his debut album release

“Every gig develops its own atmosphere, every audience being a unique gathering of listeners.

It’s 50 years this year since I released my first album.

I have deep gratitude for the mystery of it all. At work I’m surrounded by a great team of comrades. Their talents and vital contributions keep the show on the road.

Each night at 8.05 we stand side stage, breathe in the air of expectancy, the intoxicating waft of perfume and after shave. The crew complete their final checks, the lights go down and out we go once more to face the Music.  Thank You for listening, One and All.”

Looking forward to seeing you all in Claremorris in May 15th.”




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