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Wednesday 1st August 


“Arty” Printing (for 5-13 years)

Explore the ancient craft of Block Printing. Create beautiful and unique works of art using everyday objects. Explore Printing techniques like etching, mono-printing, collograph, block printing and mark making techniques. Participants will leave class with works of art ready to display.


Thursday 2nd August

10.00-1.00pm “Selfie” Art!!  (for 5-13years)

Participants will create their own unique selfies as well as learning about colour and composition.


Friday 3rd August

10.00-1.00pm Adventures in Paint (for 5-13 years)

The ever popular ‘Adventures in Paint’ where participants get to explore Acrylic & Oil Paint through a number of techniques such as marbling, blottography and magnets to name a few.


Wednesday 8th August

10.00-1.00pm Paint like a Pro (for 5-13 years)

Learn all about Painting. Explore colour mixing, layering, texture and paint application.

Participants will leave class with a painting on canvas ready to display.


Thursday 9th August

10.00-1.00pm People Art (for 6-13 years)

Learn the art of drawing people through helpful tips and techniques. Using drawing and painting to create abstract art. Think Pablo Picasso. Train your eyes to see with this class.


Friday 10th August

10.00am-1.00pm Layered Painting (for 5-13 years)

With the use of viewports, participants will paint a series of paintings that are layered to wonderful effect.  A layered effect is a painting term that is used to describe a very particular phenomenon. Learn about a layered effect in painting at this class.


Camp fee €10 per child per class

Limited Places Available

Call Aisling 0876099006


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