The Field, March 2nd

Members of Claremorris Players Performance Society are getting ready to stage the well known and much loved John B. Keane play, “The Field”. Even after 50 years, John B. Keane’s The Field has lost none of its relevance, compelling power or dark humour and this drama group are bringing it to life on stage at the Town Hall, Claremorris on Thursday 2nd March with proceeds going to Gaelscoil Uileog de Búrca.

Claremorris Players Performance Society have previously staged “A Wake in the West” and “The Maiden Aunt” as fundraisers for Gaelscoil Uileog de Búrca, and the Parents Association of the school are once again, delighted to be working in conjunction with the drama group to raise funds for the school.

Tickets are only €10 and available on line from the Town Hall website or from 087 6332169. Tickets will also be available at the door prior to the performance on Thursday 2nd March. There will also be a raffle on the night with terrific prizes up for grabs. Doors 7pm. Show 8pm sharp.

Rehearsals are in full swing and Pat Doyle has breathed new life into this famous ‘Bull’ role and should be nothing short of outstanding acting in this role in The Field. Pat with years of experience of community theatre will surely be a joy to watch.

Ciaran Moran with us for his 2nd year playing one of this year’s comedy lead roles as the conniving Bird O’Donnell, bull’s private whistle blower! The bird is only out for one thing and is to stay on the good side of bull and Maimie and in return is rewarded with his favourite drink “Whiskey”.

Joe Gallagher is on stage this year instead of behind the scenes and is playing Mr. Flanagan, the owner of the local pub and also an auctioneer. He is reeled into bull’s games to fix the field’s price so no one else can buy the field.

Rachael Comer in a bigger leading role this year as Maimie a very welcoming woman to the men of the village which has plenty of oestrogen on stage but will be dominated by testosterone and varying degrees of bullish men but is well able for any man that tackles her. Her meltdown will be one of the most laugh-out-loud hilarious moments of the play, despite the fact it was a disturbing reflection on the role of women in society in 1950s Ireland.

Karen Hahessy  is a new addition to the society with bundles of talent is playing Maggie Butler she is the rightful owner of the field. She needs to sell the land but she is up against bulls bullying ways when she tries to get the right amount of money she is asking for.

Kevin Gayer after his hidden talents playing Fagan in his school musical “Oliver”, has joined us this year as Tadgh. Tadgh as a Young man trying to follow in his father’s footsteps can be a good thing but this can go violently wrong when there is a hunger for land and a hunger to prove he is a man.

Cathal Owens has been on stage from a very young age with the local musical society and loves the fun getting on stage again with this play. He is playing the role of young leamy, Maimie’s eldest son. He looks up to Maimie and would do anything for her.

Noel Armstrong is again playing the part of the priest (remember our Wake in the West!) and doing his best to get the parish to come to him and tell the truth of what has gone on that cold night. Noel is no stranger in this role.

John Fallon is well known in this community taking part in all aspects to community fundraisers and festivals it is brilliant to see him get on stage and play the role of the pushy Garda. John is perfect for this role with his stance and tone of voice it would put the chills through you.

Brendan Conwell also a well-known man getting involved with all different community focused stuff  it is great to have him involved with his background organising things for the youth and community it will be nice to see him taking part on stage. He is playing the role of dandy the bull’s cousin and when bull calls upon him he arrives with no time wasted and stands by bull with his saying “blood is thicker than water”.

Maureen Walsh her 2nd year with us on stage it’s a joy to have her back as the bubbly Dandy’s wife with very few lines to say your guaranteed to get a few laughs out of her with the antics that dandy and herself get up to.

Paddy Burke no stranger to the stage and has been involved with us in many shows plays the role of William Dee the interrupting English man that tries to go against bull regards to buying the field. As a stubborn innocent man won’t take heed of bull’s threats. His visit ends quickly and very violently.

This dark humour that Keane is famous for will keep you interested throughout the whole play.

It might seem bizarre that a few acres of land could cause such scandal and indeed take up several hours of gripping theatre but it is one of the best plays written in the world.

Director: Noel Armstrong

Co-Director: Pat Doyle,

Producer: Rachael Comer, 

Founding Member & Secretary, Erin FitzGerald

Stage Manager: Joe Gallagher/ Brendan Conwell

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Gaelscoil Uileog de Búrca and its Parents Association would like to thank everyone for their continued support and they look forward to welcoming you to the Town Hall Claremorris on Thursday 2nd March at 8 pm for a night of theatre with “The Field”.